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Let me ask you, if money wasn’t an issue and there was a pill that could give you more charisma in life, an intoxicating seductiveness with your Lover and amazing toe-curling sex, would you take it?

Now, if money still isn’t an issue, but you need to put some sweat equity to realize this amazing you, are you still motivated? When you have to put your blood, sweat and tears into something, do you stay motivated?

What would motivate you to step into your ravishing best?

The desire to feel and look your finest isn’t being vain – rather it’s an act of self-love and self-care.

Better Sex in Relationship! Here Are Easy Exercise Tips…It’s become common knowledge that a healthy body will greatly enhance your sex life because you’ll feel more vibrant, it’s a great stress relief and it makes you feel (and look) younger. And, a healthy body also supercharges your charisma and magnetic appeal to men.

Many of us loathe going to the gym, but not all fitness routines are created equal. Make exercise a game versus a chore. Make exercise about you and not “you’re doing this for someone else”. Make exercise your ally for amazing charisma and better sex.

Here are 3 exercise moves that can improve your magnetic appeal and sassy charisma in body, mind and heart:


We all love to do squats… don’t we? To feel the tingle and burn in your hamstrings and booty.

  • Mindset: Squats primarily help your booty and legs look fabulous, so think of what you could do or have with a firm butt and legs. When I’m in kickboxing, for every squat, I mentally repeat to myself (and sometimes whisper), “sexercise, sexercise”. It makes me laugh and tingle inside. Try some of these Vixen mantra or create your own…
    • Vixen Mantra! “I’m booty-licious”, “Sexercise”, “Twerk it Girl”
  • Vixen Charm: You can think to yourself, with a firm butt, I’d look great in that skirt or wearing those stockings. These thoughts give your squats a more delicious meaning than “I’m doing this to stay in shape.” The human mind needs more motivation than that.
  • Sexual Enhancement: Squats are perfect for strengthening your legs that will give you extended joy in the “Cowgirl” sex position.

Punches (Boxing/Kickboxing)

Not only are they great for relieving any frustrations from your day, they strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders and upper back.

  • Mindset: With power, there can be passion. And when you put passion and power behind your intentions, you manifest what you desire in life. So whether you’re punching, kicking or slamming down the heavy ropes, say out loud what you want to bring into your life – whether it be a man or more money.
    • Vixen Mantra! “I AM an amazing woman”, “I AM a man magnet”, “I AM seductive”
  • Vixen Charm: As a charismatic woman, when your arms, shoulders and upper back are more defined, so is your posture. With better poster, you project confidence. And when you exhibit confidence, people will pay attention to you and take you more seriously allowing you to get what you want out of life.
  • Sexual Enhancement: With your stronger arms, you’ll enjoy the “Reverse Cowgirl” sex position. The different angle will give you enhanced pleasure and your arms will be along for the ride.


In kickboxing, having a strong “core” (abs) is essential to stay centered, remain agile and absorb the punches.

  • Mindset: Not many people will jump for joy when doing planks. This is an exercise in mind over matter. Ask yourself, what adjustments can you make to work your way up to 5 minutes? This can also teach you how to be flexible in life. Be your own cheerleader.
    • Vixen Mantra! Every 30 seconds, tell yourself “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this”. Then celebrate your success. When you can celebrate your success, other’s will be glad to join you.
  • Vixen Charm: A strong core transforms into strong self-confidence. Firm abs makes every woman feel sexy especially in a classy black dress. You’ll stand a bit taller and walk with amazing swagger as your face glistens with an enthralling smile. Your body language will say, “I feel sassy, sexy and I know it”.
  • Sexual Enhancement: You don’t always have to assume the “Missionary” position. With a strengthened core, you can get creative by trying the Kama Sutra position “Splitting the Bamboo”.

Going to the gym will never be the same. Give your exercise routine a delightful new spin and allow this yummy motivation to usher in an authentic and charismatic new you.

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Stacey Murphy

Stacey Murphy is the Queen of Juicy Love, a Certified Intimacy & Charisma Coach and International Best Selling Author.

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