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Do you still wonder why men watch p*rn? I’ll bet your initial thought involves “watching sex”, or maybe you think it’s all about images of “sexy women.” In this article, relationship expert Felicity Keith discussed the power of p*rn on men, and why “words matter” in p*rn and in the bedroom.

P*rn and P*rnography? How to Deal With This Relationship Issue…It happened again. I “caught” Kevin watching p*rn.

When Kevin had moved in with me a few months before, things were great. It was “hot and heavy.” Yet somehow, things had cooled off… Ice cold. It didn’t seem to matter how often we made love, or how long our love making sessions lasted… it always felt like something was missing.

More passion. More connection. We were both left wanting more.

If you’re anything like most of the women I know, those moments when you and your lover experience throbbing lust, passion, and ecstatic fulfillment while making love… Well, they’re few and far in between. Spectacular when they happen, but rare, like a solar eclipse.

In this moment of heart-crushing despair, I couldn’t figure out why Kevin wasn’t putting in the effort to make EVERY TIME we made love as special as the first time we ravaged each other for hours.

You know what it’s like to hold back the tears“Because I don’t want him to hear me crying.”

Then I realized “why” I’d “caught” him watching p*rn. The volume was up… Wait a minute, what’s going on here? I was pretty sure the “bow-chicka-bow-wow” music and the award winning plot lines weren’t behind the intrigue.

For some reason… he always watched p*rn with the volume ON.

I was reminded of when my brothers were teenagers they would try to watch p*rn on scrambled cable stations. It didn’t matter if the screen was all fuzzy static, and they couldn’t tell a boob from an elbow…  As long as they could hear the dialogue, they were happy.

I soon discovered the mind of a grown man isn’t that different from the mind of an adolescent male.

So I started to watch and listen to p*rn… Yes, with the volume on.

I quickly figured out what I’d suspected. It’s not about how these women look, or how big or small their breasts were… It was the words these ladies were using… Their dirty talk.

My boyfriend was getting off on dirty talk. 

(Other women’s dirty talk!)

If you’ve ever felt like your relationship is in danger of becoming dry and passionless, or feel like your man is just “going through the motions” in bed, you need to read this article and watch this special video that teaches you how simple “p*rn words” – four letter words and phrases — in combination with this one powerful tool you already possess, will reignite the spark in your relationship and cause a bulging eruption of lust in his pants – for you and only you.


Because I spent many nights lying in bed alone, crying into my pillow… Wondering what I had done to make Kevin so bored with my body that he resorted to watching p*rnography. I spent countless hours researching the wants and needs hiding deep inside the male mind. And I discovered…

The evolutionary and psychological reasons that explain why… 

  • He Watches Football on Mute, Yet
  • He Watches P*rn With The Volume Up. . .

If you want to know why sound and words matter when you’re making love, and to discover simple and easy techniques that remotely control his erotic mind… you need to understand two things.

1. “Trigger Words” Interrupt the Pattern of How He Sees You

When you use one of these 4 letter p*rn words or phrases, he’ll no longer see you as a woman who’s given birth to 2 children, who has stretch marks and saggy breasts… the same breasts he’s seen every day for years. You can use use these trigger words to flip the switch, and he’ll see you as the vibrant, luscious, devoted and sexy woman he first fell in love with.Scientists, Marketers and Psychologists have known for years about the power of the “pattern interrupt.” Yet for some reason, only recently, people like me have figured out how to use “pattern interrupts” in the bedroom. (Or on the kitchen counter. Or wherever you want your man to “take you.”)

2. Women’s Voices Are Comforting to the Male Mind

A woman’s voice is the first thing a baby boy hears when he enters the world. From the time he’s a baby, until he’s full grown, it’s usually a woman offering encouragement or support.

This is backed by science too. Dr. Melanie Shoup-Knox and Dr. Nate Piptone of Adams State University, Colorado conducted a study that determined women’s voices actually make men’s skin tingle with electrical activity. So yes, when you speak to your man the right way, you can truly electrify his body.

So, When You Combine These Powerful “Trigger Words,” With the Sexiness and Passion in Your Voice, Your Man Will Become Overwhelmed With The Urge To Take You In His Arms And Ravage Every Inch of Your Body. 

It’s not just the words that matter. When you COMBINE the sexual trigger words, and the power of your voice – “How you say something,” you’re tapping into his subconscious mind, and programming him to give you (and only you) the most sensual, erotic experiences of your life.

Here’s what this is all about:

Earlier I told you about a special video I put together.

Take a few minutes to go look at the video right now, 

Because this video reveals how I used this one pivotal moment, –“catching” Kevin watching p*rnography– to take control of my relationship and bring the romance and passion back into my bed.

You’ll find out how to use lustful trigger words and phrases to reprogram your man’s brain, to virtually erase all thoughts of other women…

To the point YOUR satisfaction becomes more important than his own.



Felicity Keith

P.S. When you watch the short video, you’ll discover who to ethically and psychologically manipulate your man’s erotic mind, to fulfill every fantasy you desire… Without acting like a slut.

Click here to finally find out how to use the powerful combination of dirty words and your voice to make your man come crawling on his knees across a sunbaked desert, just to hold you in his arms.

P.P.S. It doesn’t matter if you’re over 40, and are overweight with stretch marks, you can magnetically pull ANY man into your bed using these simple, easy tricks you’ll see in this video.

Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith dishes advice on sex, dating, and love. She is the author of The Language of Desire and The Psystrology Method

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