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Want to skyrocket pleasure in those intimate moments? Sensuality will take you there as it ignites a brilliant fire of connection and passion.

Sensual in Relationship? How to Bring the Spark!For the skeptics out there who might think sensuality is a bit too frou-frou or girly, let me tell you, “You are missing out!” I wish I’d discovered it in my 20’s instead of my 40’s. Oh, the ecstasy I have missed! It’s sad to think how many moments of shared pleasure I abandoned because I thought it made me too girly… or by falsely thinking a man who aroused me with sensual pleasure was too soft. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Men, when you learn the art of sensual loving you can command her pleasure… taking her to deeper and deeper depths, to higher and higher waves of ecstasy. You can melt her almost instantly.

Women, if you’ve had a go-go-go, get-it-done, driven day… sensuality is the fastest way to find your feminine nature. If you actually want to be able to feel the man you’re having dinner with… if you want to receive the gifts he has to offer (and he has plenty of them), then sensuality is, once again, the gateway.

Since sensuality awakens intimate, romantic and erotic ecstasy, you might wonder, “What are the secrets of sensual bliss?”

Consider these 6 paths…

1. Slow Down

Sensuality can only be experienced when you slow down. And, I’m talking seriously slow down. It will likely feel as if you are barely moving. This heightens all the senses, amplifying the experience of pleasure. The best way to practice this is with your touch. For, example, if you’re naked together… with a light light touch, see how slowly you can trace one finger from your partner’s ear all the way down to their toes, ever so slowly lingering along all the curves in between. (Oh by the way, as the receiver, relax and let them go slowly… even if feels odd at first, you’ll thank them later!)

2. Feel the Sensations

As the receiver, bring your awareness to the exact point of stimulation, and let yourself notice every subtle sensation that might exist there — from warmth, to tingling, to vibration, to even absolute stillness. The more you start to distinguish the myriad of different sensations happening in your body, the more your pleasure potential will rise… not just in that moment, but in every future moment too!

3. Indulge

Indulge in something that you love… and totally engage every sensory aspect of that experience. That means connecting with the taste, smell, sound, sight, and sensation (touch). It doesn’t matter if the experience is receiving a massage, eating a chocolate covered strawberry, eating a juicy steak, having your “pearl” pleasured ladies, smelling a rose, or smelling your partner’s scent after a good workout, or even tasting your coffee in the moment. You might even indulge in the sensual experience of watching a date or lover indulge in their pleasure (at a restaurant or in bed, or anywhere in between!)

4. Try Feathers

Feathers, silk, and fur can all awaken the body… find a piece of each of these and bring them to bed with you some night and slowly tease one another’s bodies and find out what happens! Remember… slow makes all the difference in the world.

5. Heighten the Senses

We can heighten any of our senses when other senses aren’t available. That’s why the pleasure of touch might feel even more blissful when wearing a blindfold (and your sense of sight in removed.) Another way to heighten the senses is to stimulate as many of the senses as possible… that might include powerful loud music, lots of candles or oils with a rich aroma, combined with feeding your partner a juice mango while slowly and lightly stroking them with a feature. Give it a try!

6. Surrender

Deep sensual pleasure is a practice in surrendering into that pleasure. In other words, it invites us to stop attempting to control the pleasure. It’s funny, most of us don’t realize it, but we have pleasure boundaries. If the pleasure gets too intense that it begins to “take over” our senses, we can often try to change the experience to “tone down” or control the experience. For the deepest of pleasure, let it have its way with you, leaving you in a wave of bliss.

So play, practice and enjoy the sensuality ecstasy of loving!

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