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Does the word Tantra make your mind race with ideas of wild romps between the sheets? It’s that and so much more.

Tantric Love in Improving RelationshipsAs a matter of fact, great lovemaking starts way before you ever reach the bedroom door (or kitchen table).

Let’s talk about the truth of Tantra and how it can transform your life, love and lovemaking. And first here’s a quick note to the singles reading… Don’t wait! Learning Tantra as a single will help you attract a totally different kind of partner and ensure that, when you meet that someone special, you actually set a foundation for a relationship that lasts.

Before we dive into how Tantra will ignite your relationship and sex life with heated passion, let’s look at what it truly is. Rooted in the ancient Eastern Spiritual traditions, like Taoism and Hinduism, Tantric loving is an art and practice that connects us to the divine. So “Why is connecting to the divine going to improve my sex life,” you ask. Good question.

Originally Tantra was a set of 108 spiritual practices, like meditation, chanting, yoga and yes, sex too. The practices were intended to bring a person closer to God, their higher self, the divine. Although less than 10 of these practices were sexual, Tantra became synonymous with sex when brought to the “West” and pleasure “boundaries” were broken through and the ecstasy of lovemaking was taken to new heights.

Tantric loving happens where the heart and sex unite and spirit leads. Think back for a moment, I’m sure you can get a sense of what it’s like in bed when it’s all heart and no fire… or all fire and no heart. Neither one is completely fulfilling. You simply can’t have tantric lovemaking without heart and passionate fire.

Then when we you add spirit into the mix – all new experiences arise. With spirit in the mix, there’s a trust that allows us to open more deeply – expanding our capacity for love – expand our pleasure boundaries. Simultaneously, our connection to the divine let’s us experience more of ourselves… without which, we can’t have a powerful relationship with another.  It can open up the kudalini energy channels that connect heaven and earth through us. And, it’s the most powerful manifesting energy on the planet!

So here’s how you benefit… the Tantric path of love is the solution to the most challenging struggles both singles and couples face in life and love and it’s the answer to the top 3 reasons love fades and passion fizzles:

Reason #1: We Simply Don’t Honor Love

We don’t make our relationship, and even more importantly ourselves a priority.

Tantric Way #1: Love for you, your partner and the divine are the priority.

Reason #2: We’re Inauthentic

To make someone happy, to avoid a fight, to avoid rejection, we do what we think others want us to do or be and this destroy relationships.

Tantric Way #2: Love for you, your partner and the divine are the priority.

Reason #3: We’ve Neutralized the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Society and our culture have told us equal and same is better.  We’ve told men to be more like women and women to be more like men and that kills our passion.

Tantric Way #3: Celebrate the Divine Masculine and Feminine in you and your partner ALWAYS!

Tantric living and loving is a practice and commitment, a way of life and it wakes up deep love and unending pleasure for you and a partner. It’s a practice that has the ability to melt away pain and disconnection and it awakens the most powerful force of love and creation that exists in the universe. There’s even one wordless practice that can dissolve an argument into love.

I invite you on the Tantric path of love.

Joanna Kennedy

Joanna Kennedy helps singles and couples who’ve struggled with love and sex put the healthy, hot and happy back into dating and relating.

Download your gift, The Passionate Love Jumpstart Kit, and Discover What It Takes to Have a Relationship with Deep Love and Heated Passion.

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  • Onyeka Ineh May 12, 2016 at 5:45 am

    Thank you Joanna, I really enjoyed reading your article. And I appreciate the teaching, I love what you guys are doing, and I love you also. Thank you and God bless.


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