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Smart is sexy.  And nothing is more smarty-pants sexy than understanding a bit about brain chemistry and how it relates to men.

What if I told you that by understanding a few fundamental things about how his brain works you can basically get him addicted to you?

And nothing is more smarty-pants sexy than understanding a bit about brain chemistry and how it relates to men.

What if I told you that by understanding a few fundamental things about how his brain works… you can basically get him addicted to you?

It’s true.

With just a few simple phrases you can essentially control how a man responds to you.

And very few women know and use this mind-blowingly simple technique that I’m going to teach you here.

Ready to be one of the few?

“My, what a big amygdala you have…”
Your amygdala is part of what’s known as the “primitive” brain. It’s the place that houses our emotional responses to pleasure and fear and processes many hormones. It is also where arousal and desire are regulated.

It’s called “primitive” because logic basically has no purpose here. When the amygdala is activated, logic flies out the window in a sense. This small little section of our brain can run the entire show at times.

One of the key differences between the sexes lies in the size of our amygdala.
Men have a bigger one than women. It also houses more testosterone receptors than ours do. Which could explain why men may react more emotionally aggressively in certain situations.

Researchers are busy uncovering more information about the amydgala but for now, just understand this where some of the most powerful and juicy stuff happens as it relates to our relationships.

The desire chemical
One of the neurochemicals that has gotten a lot of press is dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good neurochemical that gets released during certain activities. It relates to great things like love, lust, desire, sex, food. And some not so great things like drugs, gambling, and other addictions.  Essentially dopamine gives the brain a reward signal that then results in pleasurable feelings. Really amazing and wonderful feelings.

Now, let’s relate that to your sex life. Specifically, how you can use texting. If you send playful texts that lead to full-blown dirty talk that then lead to awesome sex, over time your first playful sexy message will release dopamine in his brain. The dirty talk (and ultimately just the text alert sound itself) becomes the trigger.

Because you are the woman who can give him that hit of dopamine and make him feel good, it’s basically like he gets addicted to it. And his desire for you goes through the roof.

Tying the two together…
Memory function is processed in the amygdala. Strategically using memory recall packed with a hit of dopamine creates a powerful cocktail he won’t be able to resist.

I want you to take a moment and remember your sexiest memories together. If you are already intimate, think about your hottest moments in bed.

If you haven’t slept together yet, this can still work. The memory can be the passion of your first kiss, the way he looks in his jeans, or how turned on you get by how he flirts.

Send the text  “I can’t stop thinking about…”

Wait for him to respond. He’ll probably say something like: “Thinking about what?”

Then launch into your memory…

…that time we got carried away on the couch. You had me literally panting with desire!”

…the time we got caught in that rainstorm at the lake. And how we made out in the downpour. Thinking of it now sends delicious shivers down my spine.”

…how cute your butt looks in those jeans. And how I can’t wait to rip them off you soon.”

You can get as explicit as you’d like or keep it tame and let the power of imagination run wild. The point is, by recalling a sexy memory you are activating the primitive part of his brain and providing him with a quick hit of dopamine.

Ready for more?
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