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Thought texting a woman was as simple as scoring in an open goal? Think again.

TextingTexts? Tips for Men on What Not to Send is more like a game of chess. Make a few wrong moves, and you’re on your way to check-mate. But fear not, there is still time to recover and get back in the game.

That said, if you make just one MASSIVE blunder, it’s game over. There is no recovery. You’ve lost your King and she’s moving on to the next player.

That’s how dicey texting a woman is, and knowing what to text and what not to text is akin to planning a military strategy before going into battle. That’s how important it is.

Listen. Women don’t often give guys second chances. Once you’ve cast yourself in a bad light, there is usually no way back. She won’t forget how needy you were last night, not even if you back off for 48 hours.

Maybe you already know this. Maybe you’ve already made some mistakes and can’t seem to get it right. You’re probably wondering what it is that you’re doing wrong.

The truth is that it could be a few things. Let’s take a look at a couple things you should never text a woman.

The Follow-Up Text

Women don’t like to be bothered, especially when they’re busy. Even if they dig you somewhat, they don’t want you to send text after text if they still haven’t responded to your first one yet.

The follow-up text casts you in a terrible light. It shows that you’re needy, clingy, and possibly even a bit possessive.

It also shows that you’ve got nothing else going on in your life except her.

While a woman of course loves to be the center of your attention when you’re with her, any independent, strong-willed woman WANTS you to have other things going on in your life. She certainly has, which is why she’s sometimes just too busy to compose a detailed reply to you.

If she hasn’t replied to your text for a while, just give her a bit more time. Don’t ask her what’s wrong or if you’ve offended her. You haven’t. She just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

The Unsure Text

Girls like confidence. You know this. So why aren’t you more confident in your texts?

Whatever the situation is, you should always take charge. Remember that you’re a man, and no matter what you think she’s thinking, she wants you to lead.

So while it’s good form and polite to ask for her opinion on restaurants – it’s not okay to text things such as, “I don’t care. Wherever you want to go.”

It sounds way too submissive.

Don’t create uncertainty in any situation. Ask if she has any ideas. If she doesn’t, take the bull by the horns and decide straight away. Be the action man with the action plan.

The Dull Text

Look, if you have nothing funny or interesting to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

Eat some fruit and lift your brain fog before you send a text.

It’s way better that you wait for some inspiration instead of rushing out a limp, dull text that probably won’t even cultivate a response.

The onus is on you to be two things:

  • Charming
  • Funny as heck

Each time you send a text, ask yourself, Is it charming or funny? Or both?”

If it’s neither, ditch it. Wait until your muse reappears. Never offer her a dull moment.

The “I’m So Damn Emotional” Text

Yes, we get it. Men have feelings. Guys are not really men from Mars sent down to earth to help populate the planet while wandering around protecting their maidens.

But a major texting blunder is the emotional text, especially if you’re still in the early stages of dating.

Don’t weaken yourself by asking “Do you like me?”

Instead, speak to her in person about emotional topics. Otherwise, you run the risk of her showing the text to her friends and asking what she should say to you while giggling.

So there you have it. You know what to text, but knowing what not to text is just as important.

Keep these tips in your back pocket, and you’ll be home free!

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