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This article is for women who would like to get married to their Mr. Right. If this is you, please read on and enjoy my article.

Texting Tips for Women and Understanding MenOne of the biggest causes of confusion and anxiety with women today in regards to their dating experiences is – Texting!!

What to Text, Why to Text, How to Text?

When I am coaching my clients, this area is the one that takes up a lot of the coaching call.

Men and women are very different and think of texting in very different ways.

A really important thing to remember is that ‘Words Are For Women‘.

Women can fall in love with a guy over texting and emailing, however a guy is more about the physical. He needs to meet you to fall in love with you.

As women, we tend to read so much into text messages. When we get a text message from a guy we like, we read the message over and over, running it through our mind trying to figure out what the text might mean.

Then we call 20 girlfriends, read the text to them and ask them what they think the text may mean.

Men are different. They receive the text, read it, take it for what it says, get a beer and sit down to watch the football, case closed.

Some of the things that can cause issues with texting are the following: (this is what a guy can think in regards to the way you text).

Too long

  • When your text is too long, they can think you are showing too much interest

Too Much Detail

  • They don’t want to go through the birth, just let them know what the baby is called

Asking Questions

  • To a guy this can seem like you are trying to get him to continue the communication when perhaps he might not want to

Initiating Texting

  • If a guy likes you, he will contact you, no need to remind him you are alive. Let him show you how he feels about you. If you message him and he doesn’t respond back, the anxiety can set in, you worry about what you sent and you can be tempted to send another message or call him.

Ignoring Texts

  • No need to answer every text. Let the guy have a chance to miss you and think about you

Texting Back Too Quickly

  • Take some time to respond. You don’t want to have a knee jerk reaction to his message. You don’t want to come across like a girl who has her phone attached like an umbilical cord.

Texting Too Much in a Day

  • When guys first meet you, they can want to text you all the time, then get bored and then stop texting. Pace the relationship, answer only a couple of texts a day. Surely you have a life and other things to do.

Responding When no Questions Were Asked

  • Let a guy be able to make a statement without necessarily receiving a response

Sending Photos

  • He might want to just send you a picture, he knows you got it or it would show as undelivered, no need to respond

Texting More Words Than Him

  • Less is more

Not Making The Texts Personal

  • When he sends ‘Hey Babe, how’s your day,’ be mindful that message could be sent to many other women

Boring One Line Texts

  • ‘How’s your day,’ ‘How was Work,’ ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Good Night,’ no need to respond to every one. Let him make more of an effort

What girls that I coach struggle with in understanding the above are;

Worried they were being rude.

Worried that he would get bored if they didn’t write a lot

Worried that he would think they weren’t interested.

Texting shouldn’t be an opportunity to get to know each other, or to show your personality, however, it is a great way to set up a date.

Texting can be a way for the wrong guy to manipulate and control you.

The right guy (who sees you as his future wife) will want to talk to you both over the phone and on a date. Just texting won’t be enough for him.

Texting is like filling up on junk food before a magnificent 5-Star Dinner ‘A Date With You.’

When you keep your texting to a minimum and if he is interested, he will step up, call you and organize a date. If not, then he isn’t right for you.

Have faith the right guy will appreciate your value and your standards.

Lyn Paul

Learn from a happily married Dating Coach the secrets of Dating Success for women, Lyn Paul can show you how to find and keep your Mr Right.

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  • Graig Wynter Aug 7, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Oh, you’re blushing and saying, “I’m just nervous because you’re really pretty,” and now you look embarrassed you said that. But trust me, it was the right thing to say. We’re such a good couple. It’s totally cool if your friend’s dumb girlfriend wants to be in the wedding. But she can’t be a bridesmaid. She can do the guestbook or something.

  • hippydog Jul 13, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    Augh.. I so dislike articles like this that put all males into one big pigeon hole..
    My current Girlfriend I fell in love with her mainly from her texting.. she “got me” and I didnt even have to talk to her..
    Everyone is different. JUST BE YOURSELF.. the right guy will find you.. and it might be via texting.

  • Alyson Jul 13, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    I agree with this to a point. However, the guy I am texting to is almost completely deaf from an accident in Iraq. So we can’t talk on the phone.

  • Ildiko Jul 13, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    I am saving this article for later as it is an absolute gem, and I have made so many of those mistakes…lol
    At one point though the guy I was seeing stopped texting good morning wishes and when we later talked about it, he said he thought I was not interested any more…Truth be told, it would have been a good time for me just to let it fizzle out and not be too hung on him, cause in the end, we did stop seeing each other and one big reason was that he was just not that into me as it seems.
    If a guy is into you/us, he will make the effort to communicate and reach out to you!

    The more we give men our interest and commitment before they do, the less they will be interested, no matter what stories they tell you or what they promise you in the beginning.

    Great, great article!!!


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