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I had a friend who only dated submissive, meek women who didn’t talk back, question him or call him out on his BS.

Let’s call him Jack. Dating women like that made Jack feel like a stud who was “teaching” his girlfriends the ways of the world. True enough, the girls he dated looked up to him and thought he was amazing. Jack was always right in their eyes and could do no wrong.

She’s Gone Forever?! Here’s How to Capture Her Heart…Eventually, though, he got sick and tired of always being right and never being challenged. He wasn’t feeling intellectually stimulated. So he changed his “type”. He started to date a woman who was sassy and independent, and who could more than hold her own in debates.

Every now and then, she even proved him wrong.

At first, Jack was happy, and told me that she “captivated him.

It didn’t take long, though, for him to begin to feel frustrated by their relationship. He started complaining to me that she took too long to answer texts, went places without inviting him, and – horror of horrors – told him to stop texting at dinner.

I could see the break-up coming from a mile away. Watching Jack’s relationship take a nosedive made me realize that not everyone is cut out to date such girls unless they’re prepared to adapt and actually improve their own communication skills.

If you’re going out with an independent spirit who is fierce but wholly loyal, here are 7 things you need to remember when communicating with her.

1. Be Needy and She’s Gone

Strong women are not looking to date a man-child who needs them around 24/7. They don’t want to receive texts from you every two minutes asking “where are you?” or looking for validation such as, “why are you with a guy like me?

Independent women aren’t afraid to spend some time apart from their partners, and believe it’s important that you both have things going in your lives that don’t involve the other. If you can’t cope with this without turning into a blubbering mess who texts and calls all the time, the relationship is pretty much doomed.

2. She’ll Reply When She’s Ready

Sure, it sucks when you’re waiting ages for a response. We’ve all dated someone who takes eons to reply to a simple text message and it can leave us tearing our hair out.

Sometimes, it can even make us question what they’re really up to.

  • Are they seeing someone else?
  • Or maybe their feelings have changed for us?
  • Why only one “x” when she used to send 2?

Your internal disposition dictates how you react when she takes a while to respond. If you’re an emotional person, you might send her 7 consecutive texts demanding where she is. If you’re rational enough, you’ll wait it out and reason that she’s busy.

3. Forget the 3 Day Rule – Play It and She’s History

Strong women aren’t going to be played around. They don’t have the time and they’re not in the mood.

If you want to date this woman, you’re going to have to forget all those childish rules about waiting 3 days before getting in touch. If you don’t take advantage of the fact you’ve got her number, she’s going to move on quickly…

  1. Don’t Sext Her Without Seeing If She Is Down With It First

Not all women like to engage in sexting. Sure, you might have dated a few girls in the past who were up for a bit of fun, but fiercer spirits might not be.

It’s important that you don’t treat this woman like all your other girls. She’s different, and she might demand that you truly get to know her first before you can engage in virtual fun.

5. Put Some Effort In, Or Put Your Phone Away

You’ve got a phone and she wants you to use it. She wants to hear your best compliments, your winning banter and your sexy voice.

Strong women aren’t prepared to invest in a relationship where communication is limited to “hey how was ur day?” texts because you’ve got a few zombies to kill on your PlayStation. They want you to prioritize them, give them your attention, and actually make an effort with what you say to them when you are apart.

6. Give Her Your Undivided Attention When You’re Together

You won’t spend every waking second with an independent woman because she will have things going on in her life that don’t involve you.

This is why it’s super important that you make the most of your time together by giving her your undivided attention.

Don’t interrupt a dinner date by chatting on the phone to your buddy or checking the latest NBA scores. Focus on her, ask her questions, listen to her and show her that you care.

7. Be Classy

There are certain unspoken rules that must be obeyed if you’re going to make this relationship work. Strong women are classy, and they ask that you respect them and show them the best class you’ve got.

Remember all the manners your mother taught you and act like a true gentleman around her. Open her car door for her, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, help her with her bags, say thank you, and make sure she made it home okay.

If you want to date a strong woman who challenges you, enriches your life, makes you laugh until your face hurts, all while making you want to be a better man, follow these 7 tips and don’t be a “Jack”.

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  • The Mingle Master Aug 10, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Another great post by the fabulous Claudia Cox. The independent woman will definitely have no time or interest for the “kiss-up” type man!

    • Claudia Cox

      Claudia   The Mingle Master Aug 12, 2016 at 2:03 am

      Thanks MM! 🙂 Class and respect trump everything else.
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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