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Hey there, nice to see you back. You’ve come a long way since I started this series of text flirting with women.

But now it’s time to wrap things up. Let’s get into the last example of what to text her:

Text Flirt Tactic #7: Give Her a Reason to Think Naughty Thoughts

Text Flirt With Women and Keep You Always in Her MindThis time, it’s HER turn to misread your texts. Make your messages a bit ambiguous to let her mind run wild with juicy double entendres.

Get a load of these:

“So I’m at Best Buy and can’t decide which TV to get. Got my eye on this sexy 1080p HD model. It’s kind of pricey…but I’m really tempted to blow my wad. This is really hard for me right now.”

“Catching up on an old hobby…just picked up a DIY book on woodworking. Sometimes I get the urge to “do-it-myself”. Do you ever like to do-it-yourself when the mood strikes?”

Remember, you want to leave her plenty of room to read your texts the “wrong” way. And when she calls you out on it, you can play dumb and playfully tell her to get her mind out of the gutter.

Now you’ve got a little flirty back and forth teasing, and it’s the exact atmosphere you want to have with her.

Every girl’s got a dark side – you just need to give her a reason to show you.

But wait, I’m NOT done yet…

Because I’m feeling extra nice today, I’ll share ONE MORE killer text with you to make her chase you even harder.

A good way to turn the tables on a girl is by putting her in a position where SHE has to work for YOUR approval.

But the trick is to be funny about it and not come across as rude or condescending.

Remember how teachers used to hand out gold stars (or some similar award) to encourage students to do well in school? You can do a grown-up version of this by turning your conversations into a game.

If you like, you can replace gold stars with something such as “points”, “credits” or “portions” (that last one only works if she saw the last Star Wars movie that came out).

Once you’ve decided on the “reward unit” to use, you’re good to go.

Here’s how it should play out:

Let’s suppose you asked her about her interests – you say,

“What kind of bands are you into?”

She might reply:

“Mostly rock, although I’m not a fan of the loud/angry stuff. Alternative and indie get me going although I have some guilty pleasures like Katy Perry, LOL”

Then you tell her:

“Cool. For that, you just got 10 gold stars! Yay!”

Now, she might either play along, OR push back by saying:

“Huh? I don’t recall this was a game…”

So you say:

“Bzzt! 5 gold stars lost for not being fun.”

The #1 rule of this game is to keep it LIGHT. It’s all over if you get too intense with her.

The point of this text is to tell her that YOU’RE the one holding the cards. But she should always jump through your hoops WILLINGLY.

By turning into a fun, flirty game, she’ll NEVER feel FORCED to do it.

But you might need a little something EXTRA if she flat out refuses to text you back no matter what you tell her.

If that’s the case, then you need to check out my stealth text messaging program that will make it impossible for her NOT to reply to you.

I’ve got a streamlined, field-tested system designed from the ground up to trigger a woman’s emotions – whether she wants to or not.

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Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma is a dating and attraction advisor, as well as a black belt martial arts instructor and motivational life counselor.


He’s the author of The Girlfriend Training Program, Secrets of the Alpha Man, the Alpha Sexual Blueprint, the Bad Boy Formula, Text Her Tonight and many others. For more info on Carlos CLICK HERE!


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