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One of the biggest issues I hear from men weekly about is their struggle on what to text girls.

Text Girls and Get Them to Want You So BadIn the digital age that we live in with everyone connecting more through WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram Messenger and good ole’ phone texting, this is a skill that men need to lock down in order to be successful with women.

The good news is it’s NOT hard and it’s very LEARNABLE. In this article I’ll explain the 5 most important tips for texting girls.

You ready? Let’s do this!

#5. Texting Isn’t For Sharing Your Life Story

What I mean by this is, don’t get drawn into long conversations via text. First off, the nuances of conversation are easily lost via digital communication. Your witty and sarcastic text that would go over great in real life sitting beside her at a bar, may come across a completely different way via text.

Texting should be for the following and if you follow this, you will see your success rate in getting girls on dates and keeping them interested skyrocket.

  • Light flirting
  • Logistics

The light flirting can be as simple as this:

“It’s Brad, the sexy mofo you met at Joe’s Lounge last night. let’s grab drinks soon”

It establishes confidence (in that you know you’re sexy) and it’s assertive in taking the initiative to get the wheels spinning on setting up a date.

Simple is best.

The second half of the texts are for logistics. Keep it simple:

“Purple Lounge Thurs night at 8pm. Skirt and heels sexy”

Place, time, a light compliment followed up by an ‘order’. You’re not being bossy, it’s just establishing that you expect her to put in effort for the date. If she can’t put in effort for a FIRST date, she’s not long-term relationship material. Period.

Once the date is established, then that’s it. Don’t text her everyday between the time you set the date up and the day of the date. It’s needy, comes across like you have nothing going on with your life and screams that you’re too eager to see her. If you don’t believe me, try it and text the girl everyday with lame texts like, “Just thinking of you, what are you doing?” You’ll see how quick that date gets cancelled. Don’t repel women with too much. Leave some mystery.

#4. Overdoing Emojis

Look, I’ll keep this short, because it’s cut and dry. A random emoji here and there is fine, but if you’re sending one in every text you’ll come across try-hard. Relax. Words are powerful and you don’t need to tag on 4 emojis making you look like you’re still in High School.

If she’s sending you a bunch of emojis? Cool, probably means her attraction level for you is high, but it doesn’t mean you need to match her Emoji Madness.

#3. The Two For One Rule

For every two texts she sends you, you can send one. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a guideline to keep yourself from overdoing it.

Here’s an example:

You: text to her

Her: text to you

You: text to her

You: text to her

You: text to her

Now how does that look? It looks like you’re playing tennis with yourself, with the ball being the text messages.

If you send a text and she responds 10 minutes later, then wait 15 minutes and text back.

For every two texts she sends you, you can send one. Now this doesn’t mean you can never send two messages for her one, but this is a GREAT PROVEN rule that will help you if you’re struggling with text game.

You can say, “Well Christian, I don’t want to play games!” and that’s fine, but here’s some cold hard facts: she’s playing the game and if you’re not playing too, then there won’t be a game for you to play in.

Women subconsciously and consciously test men to see if his value is high enough for her to consider investing a date with. If you come across with lower value than her, then she won’t see you. Period. Take that to the bank.

#2. Note Your Choice of Words and Phrases

Are you using ‘feminine’ words and phrases?

Do you use words and phrases like:



“Shut up!”

“No wayyyyy!”

“Like, are you serious?”

“What do you think?”

“I wish”

If so, check yourself. Use calm words and phrases, UNLESS you’re being sarcastic, but like I mentioned previously in the article, less is more, especially BEFORE you meet up with her for date.

#1. Less Is More No Matter What Your FEELINGS Tell You

If you have that itchy finger and you’re dying to send stupid text messages that contribute nothing to your goal of getting her on a date, then resist my friend.

You can do it.

Seriously, less is more when it comes to text game.

It might seem like you need to constantly be on her mind by texting her every day or two, but by abstaining you’ll actually be on her mind even MORE. It’s human nature to be attracted to non-needy and mysterious people. Learn the balance and watch your success rate with texting girls skyrocket. If you’d like even more great tips, then check out my bio below for my 49-page FREE The Player’s Guide To Text Game ebook Free Player’s Guide To Text Game.

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