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Somewhere along the pick-up line – I’m not entirely sure when – guys got it into their heads that romance was dead, and that sending D-pics was the way to go. As it turned out, our dads and grandfathers had got it all wrong.

Who needs flowers and chocolates when you’ve got a pic of your D?!

Hey girl. I’ve got a pic for you. Appreciate it, yo.

Text Tips to Capture The Woman of Your DreamsPerhaps due to the sudden proliferation of obnoxious “lad” websites such as UniLad in the UK which encourage young men to try every dirty and disgusting trick in the book in order to get laid, a new generation of guys with smartphones thought it was not only acceptable but also productive to “woo” a girl with classless gags – and D-pics, the latter of which became the weapon of choice for guys who simply had nothing else in their armory.

So, is romance really dead? Do you have to engage in mindless drivel in order to win the heart of a fair maiden?

No. Steadfastly no. Resolutely no. No in a thousand languages!

Sending D-pics to girls might be something teenage boys do before taking off for a quick burger with their bros, but it’s not something you should be doing if you want to win the heart of a quality lady.

In 2016, romance is still alive, and the women who have managed to survive all the vulgar messages and D-pics guys could throw at them want to be romanced. They want you to woo them with your wit, your charm and your intelligence. They want your texts to be thoughtful, engaging, and even a little bit vulnerable. They don’t want your pics. They actually want to make a connection with you.

Let’s Take a Look at How You Should Romance a Woman via Text:

1. Be Funny

Women are really attracted to men who can make them laugh. I remember Will Smith once said, “If you can make a woman laugh, the next step is sex.” While that’s not explicitly true (make a married woman giggle too much and the next step might be a punch in the face by the beefcake husband), the sentiment is on point.

Your sense of humor is arguably your most powerful weapon via text. Smarts count, but what women really look for is a man who knows how to make them feel at ease, and who can quickly and brilliantly lift their spirits after a hard day.

The good thing for you right now is that you don’t have to worry about what you look like, what you’re wearing, or even what you smell like. All you need to be concerned with is where your next joke is coming from. Don’t be afraid to tease her – women like that. She wants you to flirt with her. Tease her, be playful, and make her laugh.

If you’re waving your arms up and saying, “But I’m not very funny via text,” then arm yourself with some jokes before you start texting. Steal a few one-liners. Bring up a funny anecdote about something that happened to you. Play the fool. Be a clown. She’ll love it!

2. Be Honest

Okay, I know you want you to show off a little bit, but it’s important that you don’t exaggerate your life and personality too much.

Women appreciate men who are open and honest with them. Sure, this is going to make you more vulnerable. But where is the harm in that? Women LIKE vulnerability. They find it sexy. The fact that a man is opening himself up to a woman shows that he trusts her, is emotionally available and is honest.

And who wouldn’t like that?

Don’t keep all your cards close to your chest. Be direct. Be truthful. Let her know you dig her.

It’s REALLY easy to be vague and ambiguous via text, and most of the time we don’t even realize just how vague we’re being. But vagueness confuses women and will put them off. I receive multiple emails from women every day who can’t decipher text messages “What do you think, does he like me, or is he playing me?”

It should be easy to tell, right? But do you know what? It’s not. Don’t be that guy.

3. Send Pics – But Not D-Pics!

We live in a visual culture, and people are more inclined to respond to texts when there are visual attachments, such as videos and pictures.

You could send her a pic of your view today, or a pic of the delicious dessert you just ordered. Maybe you want to show her a pic of your pet, or a “hilarious” pic of your sunburnt face.

Sharing pics demonstrates that you trust her, are thinking of her and want to make a connection. It shows you like her and want to involve her in your world. And she’ll appreciate it.

Romance is not dead. Save the sexy pics for later in the relationship. In the early days, seduce her with your words, not photos of your naked body.

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