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He texted you again!!! On one hand, you’re so excited because he’s thinking about you and this lets you know that you’re still on his mind.

Why Does He Text Me If He Doesn't Want to Be With Me??What other reason could there be?

On the other hand, why can’t he just leave you alone? You’ve already told him that if you can’t have ALL of him then you want none of him.

It’s so confusing.

It can make us feel like saying, “if you aren’t going to be with me, then leave me alone!” Why do some guys do this? This makes us feel like they care about us only to then leave us feeling alone and miserable.

He’s putting the lure out and seeing if you will bite. He’s bored and needs his ego stroked and you seem like good entertainment at the time.

So as long as there isn’t anything else more important, he will text you to fill his time.

When a man truly wants you, you can feel him coming towards you and wanting to meet your needs.

It’s up to you to identify the serious men from the ones just playing the game.

Here are a few clues:

#1. If you respond with a feeling message to his text, would he respond in a warm way or blow it off and change subjects?

Example: You say, “It would feel so good to see your face today.” Does he make an effort to get together with you? Or, does he respond with something neutral or vague (like an emoji) or “yeah that would be nice” with no follow-up? Does he sit back and pressure YOU to make the effort to visit HIM?

#2. Is he giving you clues to how he feels and you’re ignoring them?

Example: He says things like “don’t wait on me” or “find someone that can give you what you want”

#3. Are you fantasizing about what your life could be like but in reality it’s not heading in that direction at all?

Example: You “just know” that as soon as he commits to you and settles down, things will be “different.”

These are just a few examples and I know there are some painful truths in this letter but it’s time to wake up and see this relationship for what it is.

You may think this relationship or this man has potential but…

Potential means nothing.

This relationship (or this man) may have potential – but so does everyone else.

Maybe he’s really good looking, even model material. Maybe he seems so smart and you just know he could really go places and you want to be there with him along the way.

You want to be the girl on his arm at all the parties as he shows you around to all his friends and colleagues. But this is all a fairytale in your mind.

His “potential” doesn’t mean he’s going to do anything about it.

And you dreaming of it or wanting it isn’t going to change whether he becomes this person you know he can be.

I’m here to help you figure out whether this man can really be the man you need, or not. This will require you becoming a stronger woman than you have been.

I know it seems like you’re being extremely strong dealing with a man like this, but let me tell you…

Every time he puts the bait out, and you respond the way you always have, he knows you’re the same… and even worse, you’re just like all the rest of the women out there.

Yes, I just said that.

Most women think they are different then the rest but let me tell you that men know if your standards are high or if you just accept anything.

Accepting their bad behavior makes you weak and they know it.

I’m here to help you become so strong and attractive that any man would want to be with you.

And chances are this man will wonder why he let you go in the first place. He will be beating to a new drum if he wants to be in your life.

If not…ON TO THE NEXT!!!

No more wasting time on a man who can’t give you what you need. At that point, you will decide who you want – and there’s a good chance it won’t be him.

See my bio below this article to set up a complimentary “Rogue Discovery Session” and get this man tearing the world apart to be close to you.

Love, Rogue

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Rogue Pence

“Rogue” is an accomplished relationship coach, wife, and mother of four that really knows how to dive into a woman’s love life and turn it around. By using tools that helped her turn her 15 year marriage around, she can help you turn yours around. Rogue has worked with women for 15 years in the nail industry, she listened and coached woman by giving advice and counsel on any situation they were in. Rogue has a heart of gold that can relate to women because of her own personal struggles and hearing other women’s. She seeks to help any women that finds herself stuck, lonely or frustrated by love.

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  • Renee Love May 3, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    Yeah, it looks like a player to me. I, sadly, have one in my life just like it. But, I have stated my purpose. He does call sometimnes. We only have conversation and he knows I won’t be seeing him casually. I sense that the distance is working on him. Time will tell. If not, I will definitely move on.


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