Have you ever found yourself feeling like a ‘victim’ of your life or relationship? Have you ever heard yourself say “Why me?”

“Why this?”

“Why is my life, partner, relationship (fill in the blank) so awful. There’s nothing I can do about it!”

Then watch this video and find out how to use those often destructive emotions into real personal empowerment, so you can create the life love and intimacy you really want.

There is gold beneath how you feel and I’ll show you how to use relationship as a powerful mirror, and shift from ‘Victim’ to victorious!

Lisa Page

If you’re ready to create a deeply inspired and soul satisfying life and relationship, then Lisa page is your woman! She’s been exploring the deeper truths of life, love and intimacy for 20 years, and for the last 12 years as an International Speaker, Women’s Wellness & Relationship Expert, and Founder of ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’, Lisa has coached women and couples from around the world both personally, and through her workshops and online programs.

To find out more go to SoulSatisfactionForWomen.com, or her Facebook PageItunes Show or Youtube Channel.

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