Question: When do you believe it is OK and not emasculating for a woman to pay on a date, or to at least ask the guy to go Dutch? Same with picking him up, I just prefer to drive my car but don’t want him to not call me back for a second date because I made him feel like the woman.

Date Tips: Women to Pay the Bill During Date?Answer: It sounds like one of two things are going on here, beautiful 🙂

One: You love being a provider and love to serve a man by paying for dinner, or going Dutch, or driving because you love to support a weary warrior after a long day of work in the battlefield of life.

If this is the case, don’t be ashamed, and own it! And let men know this is how you enjoy loving a man! A man who loves to receive this from a woman, will be your perfect match.

Two: The reason why you want to be the provider is that the idea of surrendering, or letting go, or letting yourself be claimed and taken care of by a man…

Is too terrifying to risk rejection, risk him not showing up, risk him not thinking you’re worthy enough… And that’s actually a protection mechanism or survival strategy that’s protecting your wounded heart, making you overly masculine and not balanced in your soft vulnerable classy discerning feminine energy.

So which one is it my love?

If it’s the first one… Simply own it and be who you are with no apologies 🙂

If it’s the second… This is probably a pattern and something you want to address because it’s not going to get better, but worse over time.

Send me an email and set up a strategy session to see if you are a fit for me to invite you to work with me so we can heal this, getting you back into balance with both your masculine and feminine energies so you were finally able attract a quality partner for a hot healthy long-term relationship that you deserve 🙂

All my love XOX

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