Are you divorced and getting back into the game or just haven’t found the love of your life?

Today on Digital Romance TV, Heather Havenwood shares with you…

3 Sexy Young Women to Choose From and Attracting Them1. How to get that woman you want

2. How to be attractive and what is attractive to younger women

3. The Book: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuation” as a weapon in achieving your goals and principles about commitment and consistency

Heather Havenwood

Heather Havenwood is the founder of and a coaching and information service that she created just for men, to empower and teach men how to succeed with women. She knows and understands men and how frustrating it is for successful and ambitious men to date women today. Ironically, a couple of men whom she dated in the past suggested that she teach other men her secrets. She is now a life and success coach to many men and enjoys seeing them succeed in the area of relationships. She teaches and coaches highly powerful and successful men how to succeed with women and how not to be taken advantage of. Her clients are men who are great at what they do in life; and while they are very successful, they also want to date, have fun,and maybe even find that special someone. Heather Havenwood coaches older men (over 35) in how to be a better man relationships, how to approach women and how to attract wonderful women into their lives.

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