Question: Why are men SO clingy when you have been dating for awhile?

Clingy Men in a Relationship!My boyfriend can not be by himself now! We were so independent when we first started dating but I have been out of town on business for three weeks and he is picking fights and being kind of bratty. Is it a guy thing? Is this his immature way of saying he misses me?

Answer: I hear you that you’re annoyed by your boyfriend, that his behavior is not sexy, huh? I will say that picking fights isn’t bringing you closer nor is being bratty, yet I invite you to use your feminine intuition and discover what’s underneath his behavior.

  • Fear? You’ve been away for 3 weeks and perhaps he’s feeling insecure, perhaps not as important, yes?
  • Is it possible that you have made work your priority… as if you’re watering only the Work Plant and the Relationship Plant is withering?

I find that just some watering and sunshine does wonders for plants, letting him know you’d LOVE to talk to him on Skype tomorrow night, sending him a sexy text on your lunch break… I’m not saying his neediness is to be condoned… just that perhaps throwing him a bone will make him calm down for you to enjoy your bushiness trip and enjoy your relationship.

Perhaps it’s not the case, but how would you feel if the roles were reversed?

LMK if you two are not on the same wavelength as that’s a huge requirement of a relationship working, yes?

As is respect.

If he is indeed worth investing in, then in my coaching practice, I find that a series of coaching sessions early on has created relationships and marriages that thrive. Waiting until someone has an affair is a lot to heal. Waiting until repeated unkindness and cruelty has unfolded often destroys a relationship beyond repair.

Yet a few solid communication skills and some healing of heart wounds, plus destroying of all cellular memories that trigger each of you… THAT is the recipe for a hot epic romance that lasts. I welcome you to apply for a complementary strategy session with me at Life is short. Let’s have both your career and relationship flourish.

Great love, Allana xoxo

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