Question: I have been having the worst luck in the world. From being laid off, to unexpected expenses, to my boyfriend breaking up with me to get back with his ex-girlfriend; I’m a losing all faith right now. Help me see the good in this, help me understand why I have been plagued with these trials.

Boyfriend and Issues With His ExAnswer: When shit hits the fan in so many ways the universe is trying to break you… Not maliciously hurt you, but break the identity or ego that you think you are… The part of you that needs all of those external circumstances to look a certain way in order to be worthy and enough.

It seems the universe is asking you to find your true worth on the inside and rebuild your life from a place of unwavering kindness to yourself that can only be found when you learn to have your own back when no one else does.

I imagine on the other side of this you will be more courageous and more humble and more awesome then you are even now 🙂 in the same breath it’s got to be extremely painful and lonely and scary… And I’d love to walk through the fire with you to the other side, have your back until you have your own. Go to to apply for a complementary strategy session and let’s see if you’re a fit for me to invite you to walk with me through your fire home to more security safety approval and appreciation of who you are then ever before 🙂

All my love XO XO

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