Question: My parents fought a lot when I was younger and I feel as if that is the reason why I am 25 and have never been in a relationship. How can I get past this hangup?

Parents Always Arguing Causing You to Be SingleAnswer: First love, notice you are reacting to your past vs being present and choosing your future. Yes, you are being factually accurate… and yet if we could heal your past, forgive them, learn what you don’t want to do in a relationship then you could move on and create what you do want, yes?

Second, notice that you’re resisting/contracting against your parent’s behavior which makes you focus on what you don’t want… and instead you could open and allow what you DO want to show up… this will feel empowering for you’re choosing the life you desire and taking action in that direction.

Third, focus on a few things… focus on examples of relationships that DO work, people who navigate conflict well… and also focus on what YOU desire, why you desire it and how it feels to have it? It’s like closing the door to one reality…and opening the door to the next. And yet it’s not easy when there’s been a few decades of behavior from your parents fighting.

Yet you CAN change this and if you’re serious, then spend the time energy and money to change it.

Hire a coach like me who has a track record of healing emasculated hearts, reconnecting you to the joy, grandeur and amazingness that already exists inside you that is attractive to a partner… then walking through the unknown together as you date more and more successfully and find your special partners.

I just interviewed someone on my radio show who is now married… and I asked her if the journey was worth it… the journey of a coach, getting out there, healing her heart and finding love and she shared of the moment she looked in her child’s eyes… a baby that would never had been born had she not taken action both inside her heart and outside with her actions.

You can do this. Contact me by visiting my bio below to set up a strategy session and just for you for reaching out… to reward you for your courage, use the coupon code ‘friend’ and receive a substantial discount. It’s time to never let this challenge stop you again… instead let’s allow it to make you stronger and open that glorious heart of yours to love.

xoxo Allana

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