Question: What’s the point of spending money on lingerie just to impress a man? It infuriates me that I should have to be so sexy just to turn him on, why doesn’t he buy it for me?

Answer: Wow, it sounds like you’ve been feeling taken advantage of, yes? Like you have to work to be of value? That your outsides are more important than your insides? That you do things to get approval rather than be celebrated for who you are already, yes?

Did I get that right?

Lingerie and Styles to Attract MenLove, I don’t think this is about the lingerie. I think the lingerie is triggering something deeper in you about your worth, beauty, sexuality, value as a woman.

I personally spend on lingerie because it makes ME happy. I LOVE that the first thing I put on in the morning makes me feel gorgeous. And the fact that I am efficient in my efforts because my man finds it hot… how does it get even better than that!

I’ve made a decision that I do things for my joy, my happiness, my pleasure, my expansion, my growth, my health, my healing, my best self. I do that so I’m happy and feel confident and ooze self worth, humility and deliciousness. I don’t do it for approval, appreciation or to be enough.

I used to.

But now I’ve grown up and help others to do the same.


Because the result is that when I’m happier and more confident, I attract better friends, boyfriend, colleagues, clients, cool shit left right and center. I’d like the same to happen for you 😉

What if you erased lingerie having to do with men at all, and simply ask your body what made it happy? One piece sexy lace thong back? 😉 Boy shorts and racer bras? Lace push up bra and lacey panties? Seriously. Ask your body and your heart what makes her feel GORGEOUS. Then promise me only to wear what makes you happy FOR YOU. Let him enjoy watching you in your happiness shine.

Homework? See where you’re doing things for others that’s causing resentment and simply stop. Do things for your greatest self. Not in a selfish f*&% you way, but in a self loving way. Knowing when you’re happy, you’ll be more calm, peaceful, loving and supportive of all you meet.

My book How To Be And Stay is exactly what will support you in this mindset with tons of delicious tools, practices and inspiring stories that will help you attract the love, honor and attention you deserve when you focus on the ‘inside… out’, when you focus on loving and celebrating YOU first.

And if these practices unearth a huge pocket of ‘ouch’ from the past that you’re now ready to heal once and for all, then I invite you to apply for a complementary strategy session with me personally at It may be time to grow some deep feminine roots so you can grow even more luscious feminine shoots of success personally and professionally in your glorious world. I can show the way ‘home’ to your most safe, secure, approved of, celebrated glorious YOU.

Love, A xoxo

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