I’ve been coaching women and couples from around the world for12+ years, and in that time I’ve discovered one simple tool, that has a profound impact on your ability to create and sustain deep heart connection and ecstatic pleasure in lovemaking.

And I’m going to share it with you today!

If you’re a woman, this is essential to you if you want to experience the depth of pleasure and heart connection that you know deep down is possible in your lovemaking.

If you’re a man, then watch this video because this tool help you to be a superior lover!With practice you’ll be able to guide your woman to ever greater heights of ecstatic sexual experiences whilst still maintaining deep heart connection.

..And if she hasn’t told you already, that’s what she wants!!!

The answer is simple.

It’s your breath. Your FULL breath.

There are many different Tantric breath techniques I could share with you, but what I find is that for most women today the biggest challenge is just getting ‘out of their head’ and into their body.

When you breathe fully, your body relaxes and your heart naturally opens. This is essential if you want to FEEL the pleasure, heart connection that is available in your lovemaking, and also if you yearn to feel your man’s ‘claim’, body heart and soul in lovemaking.

The first step is to notice when your breath becomes shallow, or contracted. Counter it with a full breath. Breathe down into your belly, your inner thighs, all the way down to your toes until your body relaxes again.

…Watch the video for the rest.

Lisa Page

If you’re ready to create a deeply inspired and soul satisfying life and relationship, then Lisa page is your woman! She’s been exploring the deeper truths of life, love and intimacy for 20 years, and for the last 12 years as an International Speaker, Women’s Wellness & Relationship Expert, and Founder of ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’, Lisa has coached women and couples from around the world both personally, and through her workshops and online programs.

To find out more go to SoulSatisfactionForWomen.com, or her Facebook PageItunes Show or Youtube Channel.

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  • Ann Oct 3, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    You describe the deepening of breath so elegantly.


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