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Can’t lose the last 15 pounds? Go on a 10-day fast. Not attracting great men? Change your personality AND your entire wardrobe. Ugh!

Big whirlwind changes often lead to failure. Discover one thing women who enjoy long-term success do differently…

I’ve fallen into the ‘whirlwind change’ trap more times than I care to admit. We go all in and dramatically change something in our lives. After a few days, everything goes back to the way it was. 

We end up discouraged and feeling like we’ve failed.

To make matters worse, the 1,000’s of quick-fix programs, tips and tricks marketed fuel our addiction to instant gratification. We want what we want. We want it now.

It’s seems like a never-ending cycle, but you can stop it today. Successful, happy women who lead fulfilling lives make small, sustainable changes over time.

Woman's Lifestyle Upgrade!Little daily upgrades lead to BIG sustainable transformation.

Don’t worry. There’s no book to go read. There’s no program to buy. Below, I get you started with simple ideas you can use RIGHT NOW.

No excuses!

1) Little Relationship Upgrades

We’ve all had friends say, “Just leave him.” Or ignore that family member who’s always negative. There’s a time and place for quitting relationships cold turkey. There are times where things need to be done gradually.

Every situation is different.

Either way, here are a few suggestions for little daily relationship upgrades:

  • Gradually pull back from that negative family member by phoning once a month, instead of twice.
  • Kindly ask your boyfriend or husband to do that one thing you love.
  • Got lots of friends in MLMs? Have one rule for everyone. Stop buying things. A true, emotionally healthy friend will understand. (I know someone who did this for the sake of her financial well-being. She is SOOO happy!)
  • Stop doing one errand that will give you 15 minutes more for yourself.

It’s about little steps. Little requests. Little distances.

2) Little Diet Upgrades

I don’t believe in dieting. Well, not in the way the industry sees it.

A diet is a way of life. It doesn’t feel like deprivation. It’s not dramatic. It’s gradual and sustainable.

Instead of making a dramatic change. Try replacing unhealthy selections with healthy ones.

Examples of little daily upgrades to your diet:

  • Switch out chips for nuts.
  • Trade sugary juices for a fresh fruit smoothie.
  • Put half the sweetener in your tea or coffee – and gradually reduce it.
  • Replace candy with high quality raw chocolate.
  • Reach for tea instead soft drinks.

This is a more sustainable way to upgrade your eating habits. You may not like it the first time, but the more you do that one simple thing, the faster it becomes the norm.

Then you can move to the next thing.

3) Little Health Upgrades

Like diet, your health and fitness is a way of life. It’s not something you do for a period of time. It’s a lifetime habit.

Women fail because they make big, dramatic shifts that aren’t sustainable. They fall back into their old patterns.

A few ways to make little daily health upgrades:

  • Take a walk around the block every morning.
  • Do just 10 minutes of yoga.
  • Lift weights for 15 minutes.
  • Stretch for 5 minutes every morning

When you’re just starting out, the thought of going to the gym for an hour seems daunting. Lots of women give up before they even start. This is the remedy.

You can then add 5 minutes to your yoga practice or 2 blocks to your walk. Start small. Once you do, you’ll start feeling great and more energetic. You’ll want to do more, and more, and more.

4) Little Style Upgrades 

I find most makeover shows ridiculous. They’ll take a woman who is used to wearing shorts and flip flops and put her in a designer dress with stilettos.

Yes, she looks amazing, but will she keep it up? Is it REALLY her? Does she feel comfortable?

The truth is few women will go from Target to Parisienne runways. It’s really not necessary, unless it’s HER choice.

Instead, little daily upgrades are a great way to go:

  • Replace a coat, shawl or jacket you’re tired of wearing.
  • Buy a high quality silk scarf that goes with several outfits.
  • Replace a low quality handbag with a long-lasting, high quality one.
  • Buy a pair of quality earrings – gold, silver, pearls or diamonds.
  • Try a new hairstyle (without cutting your hair).

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too much at once.

Keep it simple. Take things step-by-step.

Ask Yourself This High Value Question

  • What area of my life would I like to see an improvement this week?

  • What’s most important to me?

  • What is the ONE little upgrade that will make the most impact?

You can make a list of 3 to 5 things you’d like to change next.

You can add another one tomorrow, next week or next month. Go at your own pace.

“A high value woman makes little daily upgrades in the areas of her life she wants to improve.”

With love and in service,
Rhonda “Make Little Daily Upgrades” Cort

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