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For some sex is just sex. But for others we are beginning to realize and understand that this life-creating, life- sustaining, life- enhancing practice is not just about making babies or having great climaxes.

Sex, Sex Magic, Sexual Energy for a Happy RelationshipRaising sexual energy is one of the most powerful experiences any man, or woman can have.

You know that feeling when your toes start tingling, your body starts vibrating, you start seeing rainbows in the sky above and you’re not sure if it is real or not?

You know how that burst of bubbly excitement rises up inside you like the ‘pop’ of the champagne cork as it shoots across the room?  

How about that feeling that has no words to describe it but you know you are being embraced by the love of the Universe?

I am not saying that everyone has to have sex in this amazingly sacred way but if you are ready to open yourself up to the idea (and experience) of how powerful your own sexual energy can be…..keep reading! 

Sex Magic is an ancient practice that uses any type of sexual activity to raise energy and then use it to manifest or attract a desired result or intention. Sexual energy is a potent force and can be used to transcend our normal perceptions; it helps us to see what is truly possible and provides us a vehicle to get there. Sex Magic, if used in a spiritual way, is a co-creation with the divine.  The thing is – we need to tell the Universe what it is that we want – so that s/he can provide it for us (assuming it’s for our highest good.)

For an activity to be sacred, it needs to have the following aspects:  love, respect and holiness (meaning reverence in this context.)  It is a conscious practice to undertake Sex Magic  – it requires us to let go of the ego/mind and reside in our hearts; it requires us to gain clarity about what the next step is in our lives; and it requires devotion to the practice.

These three essential secrets are among the first steps to creating what you want or need in your life:

1. Letting go of ego, or the mind, is a challenging task since we all spend most of our daily energy ‘thinking’ and in our heads.

The first step to using Sex Magic is to establish a daily meditation. 10-15 minutes/day of sitting quietly, bringing your awareness to your heart and watching, but not attaching, to your thoughts. Choose a time of day and set a timer. You will be surprised at how quickly that 10-15 minutes will go.

2. Once you feel connected to your heart and your mind is quieter, ask the following questions:  Where shall I go?  What shall I do?  

Listen carefully for a response and acknowledge when it is coming from your mind.  You are listening for something underneath your own mind, or ego. Trust what you hear.

3. Devotion to this practice is important.

Before you actually use sexual energy to manifest your next steps, commit a certain amount of time to this practice. This way, the Universe knows you are serious.

After completely steps 1-3 for several days, you may feel ready to begin using your sexual energy to manifest what you want in your life. Establish a practice of raising your sexual, or life force, energy, and create a clear intention as to where you want to send that energy.  It can be the guidance you receive in your meditation, or you can send your healing energy to someone in need.  The choice is yours.

Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer!

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    its really what you guys are doing


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