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Relationship expert Felicity Keith reveals why closing his eyes during sex could be a devastating signal that your man is emotionally on his way out the door… exactly what’s going through his mind when he’s not looking at you and… how to snap his attention, love and lust back to you (and only you) forever.

Sex and Intimacy Tips to Get the Connection You WantHave you ever been in bed, making love with your man, feeling connected and wonderful and like you’re exactly where you want to be…

Only to feel your stomach drop suddenly when the man you want focused on you closes his eyes and seems to go “somewhere else?” Somewhere deep in his mind. Somewhere you’re not allowed to go with him?

If you have (and I know you have), you need to read this article and watch the special video I’ve put together for you that teaches you how to become the object of ALL of his fantasies and desires right now before it’s too late.


Because as a woman who almost saw my own relationship destroyed by his secret fantasies and who’s interviewed hundreds of men about love and sex and relationships and the deep, private desires men have but NEVER tell their wives or girlfriends about can tell you . . .

When A Man Closes His Eyes While Making Love To You, It Means He’s Not Making Love To YOU At All…

To understand WHY a man closing his eyes while you’re making love is so destructive to a relationship…

And to learn to bring his erotic focus back to YOU where it belongs you need to understand TWO things

1. For men, THE MIND is the only erogenous zone that matters

Plain and simple: It doesn’t matter how you touch a man or what you do to his body, if his MIND isn’t erotically focused on you he’s going to be emotionally miles and miles away no matter what “tricks” you learn or how “good” you think you are in bed.

2. When it comes to sex men are intensely visual creatures

If you’ve ever been looked at with true lust by a man before…

Or if you’ve ever caught a man “subtly” looking at another woman or at pictures online you already know this.

The fact is, for men what they SEE when they’re having sex is actually MORE important than what they FEEL.

(There’s even been studies that show that BLIND men have incredible levels of activity in the visual cortex of their brains when sexually turned on.)

And what that means is that when a man closes his eyes during sex with you, he’s not “focusing on how amazing you feel”…

He’s bringing up pictures in his mind of other women… of his secret fantasies he’s afraid to tell you… of porn.

And is drifting further and further and further away from you.

That’s The Bad News. Now Here’s The Wonderful News Of How You Can Make Your Man’s Eyes Snap Open, Look At You With Absolute Love And Lust And Desire And Have Him Focused On You And Only You Forever.

Here’s what this is all about:

At the beginning of this article I told you about a special video I put together.

And wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I want you to go watch that video right now...


Because in this very personal video I’m going to tell you my own devastating story of how pornography and fantasy and the lies I’d been told about men and sex since I was a little girl almost cost me my man and relationship…

AND I’m going teach you the EXACT words to use to take “remote control” of your man’s erotic mind

To make it impossible for him to even think about another woman

To have him desperately craving you and thinking about you all day long…

And to feel a level of connection with your man you simply never thought was possible before.

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Click here to learn how to almost-magically take control of your man’s erotic mind.

Make Him Sexually Obsessed With You Without Even Touching Him

Felicity Keith

Felicity Keith dishes advice on sex, dating, and love. She is the author of The Language of Desire and The Psystrology Method

Drop her a line at or to ask your burning relationship questions!

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